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Meet Harris Dinga

Curiosity Complex

Driven by curiosity, with an undying hunger to learn, Harris is a multi-disciplinary interactive UI design enthusiast and maker of beautiful things with years of professional experience in digital media. Over the years his interests have grown far beyond the bounds of visual design into animation, motion, and coding interactive experiences. He is in essence, the gorilla glue between design and development worlds; specialized in concept design, development and execution of high-fidelity projects for modern platforms using the latest technological trends.

Growing up as a kid, he only had one tool in his arsenal; a screwdriver! He's always been motivated by his passion and curiosity to figure out how things work. He would take his toys apart and try rebuilding them to be better, stronger, faster! And although he didn’t always manage to screw them back together as they originally were, he always remained curiously intrigued to fix things. It is this unyielding passion that’s helped shaped his career — to be a visual thinker and problem solver; to focus on understanding the process and implementing design that's intuitive, engaging and enhances the end user's experience.

I consider myself fortunate to have worked with some of the greatest minds in the industry. My philosophy on life is it's a 'never-ending work in progress'. I constantly challenge myself to learn from my mistakes and research new and better ways of working more efficiently.

When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling or exploring a new part of the city with my camera.

Behind every great creation resides thought and with an addition of feeling and effort it was brought to life.

What's Triggercell?


/triggercell/ noun

Triggercell is a composition of two words; trigger and battery cell, meaning stored creative potential ready to be utilized on demand for a given design task.


Wireframe layout illustration of the original logo.


High fidelity of the final logo design and color scheme.


Updated version of the original design for simplicity.